International Performance Yachting s.r.l.





Fuel tank

Water tank

Aproximate Weight 

Cruising Speed

Max speed

14.80 mt

3.70 mt


4 + 2

1450 lt

200 lt

9700 kg

30 - 40 kn

65 kn

1487 IPY

The 1487 and the abstract of the research in design of the yard. She can be variously motorized, grants ease of driving and maneuver and enviably copes with the sea. The classic boat to enjoy the holidays at sea with family and friends. Offering huge external and internal spaces not leaving anything, but the wish to live them. Two separate rooms, a large bathroom with separate shower, a fully equipped kitchen, a large living room with a fully equipped kitchen 

the interior. An appealing design and a maniacal study of the hull allow this bollide of the sea of speeding in complete safety even at over 60 kn.